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Jonelle is currently enrolled in a BA with a specialization in English and is in her fourth year. Her soft spots include nachos with jalapēnos, puns, and her cat, Casper. If she says she's going to the gym, she's getting nachos. If she says she's getting nachos, she's still getting nachos. When she finally gets around to writing all the papers she has put off she finds it important to incorporate relevant social issues into her topics, as she is a devoted feminist and makes inclusivity and equality her top priorities.

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jana macdonald

Jana is a fifth-year English student who thinks she has her life together way more than she actually does. She loves just about all types of animals and really likes Harry Potter. She loves making bad jokes and finds herself far more hilarious than any of her friends will ever admit.  Really she's just here to have a good time and finds herself constantly under attack from something called 'procrastination', what ever that is, so if you haven't started your paper yet there's a good chance she hasn't either!




Ryan is a fourth-year English Major who stupidly thought a year in biology would be a good idea (it wasn't). Generally a reporter and editor with the Fulcrum, he's now giving this whole secretary thing a spin. When he's not dutifully taking minutes or trying to convince people that Canadian Lit means something, he's delivering strange sounds in a chicken costume as a sound poet extraordinaire with Rhombus 19, pretending to be Irish by playing Gaelic football, or slacklining. 

office hours

The UESA office is located on the third floor of Hamelin Hall in room 321. Students are welcome to come by the office to chat or study during any of the executive members office hours, or so long as an exec member is present. 




Ceilie is a fourth year English major. She has an on-again, off-again relationship with English, but always recommits when essay season wraps up. When she’s not bringing up the Roman Empire in unrelated conversations, Ceilie enjoys cutting her own bangs, drinking espresso, and discussing the politics of Nintendo games. In a perfect world, she would get a job on Jon Stewart’s farm in New Jersey. In reality, she’ll probably just take the first writing job she can get. 




Komal is finishing her last semester at the University of Ottawa taking a BA with a specialization in English. If Komal isn't spending time volunteering with the UESA you can find her writing essays and reading books. She spends most of her time in the office or at home in bed. She loves to explore and travel and her favourite destination is New York City. Komal's always available if you want to talk or need help with anything!

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