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Undergraduate English Students' Association

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The Undergraduate English Students’ Association (UESA) is a well-oiled machine, a home away from home, a light at the end of tunnel. Most importantly, it’s the association that represents undergraduate students within the University of Ottawa’s English Department. That means we represent you, the students, and your interests at the department, faculty, and university level. We’re also the ones pulling together events like 101 Week, blUe mOndays, and Yule Ball. Through events like these, the UESA aims to create a community within the English department. We also support regular philanthropic initiatives and host events to support the arts community both on campus and across Ottawa. The UESA works hard to support students like you in whatever your pursuits may be. Through the publication of the Ottawa Arts Review we help to maintain a forum in which students can share their poetry, prose, and visual art in Ottawa and around the world. Have any questions? Send us an email or connect with us via instagram or twitter.



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321-70 Laurier Avenue East, Ottawa, ON, K1N 6N5

Office hours are listed on the contact page. 



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